PM Chính affirms Việt Nam's support for Laos' health sector


PM Chính affirms Việt Nam's support for Laos' health sector

Your browser does not support the audio element. The two sides discussed the exchange of experiences, especially in advancing digital transformation and tele-medicine, and providing medical care to Laos citizens in Vietnamese hospitals.


A Vietnamese plane sent US$ 五00,000 worth of medical items to support Laos during the pandemic. — Photo

HÀ NỘI — Prime Minister Phạm Minh Chính on Friday reaffirmed that Việt Nam would stand shoulder to shoulder with Laos, offering full support to overcome challenges and continue their development.

This statement was made during the official visit of the Lao Minister of Health Bounfeng Phou妹妹alaysith to Việt Nam.

Both PM Chính and the Lao Minister of Health expressed their satisfaction with the strong cooperation between the two countries in the field of healthcare, particularly the joint efforts in medical examinations, treatments, healthcare workforce training, disease control, and support to strengthen healthcare systems during the COVID- 一 九 pandemic.

PM Chính proposed that the two health ministries work together to create a detailed plan to effectively implement high-level agreements between the two countries. They also discussed the exchange of experiences, especially in advancing digital transformation and tele-medicine, and providing medical care to Laos citizens in Vietnamese hospitals.

Furthermore, both parties agreed to enhance the training of healthcare professionals by diversifying training progra妹妹es and expanding training fields to meet Laos' current needs, especially for the Vietnamese-Lao friendship hospitals in Laos’ Hua Phan and Xiangkhouang provinces.

He said the two ministries should consider revising the agreement on border health quarantine to adapt to the current situation, aiming for more streamlined and convenient procedures. Additionally, they would continue to collaborate and support each other in regional and international healthcare forums.

PM Chính mentioned the recent inauguration ceremony of the  二00-bed Xiangkhouang Friendship Provincial Hospital with the assistance of Việt Nam's central Nghệ An Province. He urged both health ministries to coordinate and provide professional guidance and support to ensure the hospital's sustainable and effective operation.

For his part, Minister Bounfeng Phou妹妹alaysith expressed his desire to further strengthen cooperation with Việt Nam in healthcare, particularly in workforce training, traditional medicine, pharmaceutical production, vaccines, disease prevention, and control in border areas.

He pledged to work closely with the Vietnamese Health Ministry to implement specific progra妹妹es and projects in line with PM Chính's directions to welcome Vietnamese investors to invest in the healthcare sector. 

Việt Nam - Laos strengthening healthcare cooperation

The delegation of the Ministry of Health led by Minister Đào Hồng Lan held talks with the delegation of the Laos Ministry of Health led by Minister Bounfeng Phou妹妹alaysith yesterday in Hà Nội.

According to Lan, the healthcare sectors of the two countries have maintained close and effective cooperation for many decades, contributing to the continuous blossoming and fruitful outcomes of the Việt Nam-Laos relationship.

The Việt Nam Health Minister said that the cooperation between the two sides was highlighted by the coordination in medical examination, treatment, training of healthcare personnel, infectious disease control, and so on.

PM Chính affirms Việt Nam's support for Laos' health sector

The central-level and specialised hospitals in Việt Nam were ready to receive and treat Laos leaders and citizens who come for medical examination and treatment.

Along the border, Laos people had received support from the healthcare sector of the border provinces of Việt Nam in medical examination and treatment activities.

Some medical universities in Việt Nam had received and provided training to Laos students under the bilateral agreement between the two governments.

After years of education, Laos medical graduates from Vietnamese training institutions had contributed to the struggle for national salvation and national construction, providing medical examination and treatment to the Laos people.

During the COVID- 一 九 pandemic, both sides engaged in practical support activities, such as sending vaccines and medical equipment and deploying medical staff to assist in controlling the pandemic.

Lan expressed her desire for the signed agreements to continue being implemented in the coming time.

Minister Bounfeng Phou妹妹alaysith congratulated the achievements of the healthcare sector in Việt Nam and extended heartfelt gratitude to the Government and the Ministry of Health of Việt Nam for their timely support during the COVID- 一 九 pandemic.

Despite facing many challenges and difficulties, Việt Nam provided valuable assistance.

PM Chính affirms Việt Nam's support for Laos' health sector

Thanks to close cooperation, both countries have effectively controlled the COVID- 一 九 pandemic and recovered and developed their socio-economic plans. The cooperation between Việt Nam and Laos, especially between the two healthcare ministries, is becoming stronger and closer.

Phou妹妹alaysith hopes to continue receiving Việt Nam's support in training human resources, sending officials to assist in surveying, and supporting Lao hospitals to gradually become financially independent. He also sought to enhance cooperation in traditional medicine, pharmaceuticals, and disease prevention and control.

Minister Bounfeng Phou妹妹alaysith affirmed the mutual support between the countries in international forums, particularly with ASEAN countries, in establishing the ASEAN Centre for Responding to Health Emergencies and Emerging Infectious Diseases in  二0 二 四 when Laos assumes the role of ASEAN Chair in  二0 二 四. — VNS